The Essential Skills Pack (ESP)

During the COVID-19 pandemic the EU tourism dropped by 61%, impacting the hospitality industry and rather affecting accommodations located in rural areas. To restore balance as fast as possible, action must be taken towards attracting tourists to rural European areas.

The ESP e-learning course aims at providing a complete solution to hospitality professionals in rural areas by:

  •  improving their English language and service skills, so that they can efficiently communicate with international tourists and offer them a unique experience
  • developing digital competency among them
The result directly addresses hospitality unit professionals, such as accommodation unit owners, hotel employees in various departments, from F&B to reception and housekeeping, mainly in rural areas. 

Indirect beneficiaries are tourists and visitors to rural areas, who will have the chance to enjoy an enhanced guest experience during their vacation.

HERE4you will be the first e-learning course that will be offered completely free of charge to interested hospitality professionals and will dive into three different topic units:

  • language and service skills
  • digital competence
  • ecotourism awareness
No training before has offered such a various and complete training solution that can be easily afforded and accessed by hotel professionals everywhere.