The Minecraft Hotel World (MHW)

The concrete need addressed by MHW is the provision of usable resources for practicing real-life scenarios that require retention and application of the skills previously learned, through Minecraft simulation. The trainees will be able to apply the knowledge received by ESP in real-life situations.

HERE4you is the first initiative to explore the educational potential of Minecraft for hospitality training and it is the first time that such work on helping hospitality professionals develop hybrid skills through Minecraft is carried out under the viewpoint of being used immediately by employees and training institutions.

The potential for impact among hospitality professionals and the VET training community is rather significant as the project can drive change towards the adoption of a more practical approach for training future and existing professionals in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Significant impact is also achieved thanks to the fact that there are no limitations regarding the game’s accessibility and equal opportunities to complete it will be given to professionals everywhere regardless their geographical location or socioeconomic situation. The only prerequisite will be computer and internet access. 

Finally, the popularity of Minecraft and it's penetration and potential, necessitate such efforts to allow the educational community to take advantage of a platform with proven educational potential as a Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) game. Under this viewpoint, the HERE4you initiative can be considered a safe bet in terms of value and innovation.