The Problem

The hospitality sector, an important pillar for the European welfare and it is crucial to focus on its perseverance.Hospitality employees, especially in rural areas, face increasing difficulties in competing with bigger accommodation units and attract tourism.

The Idea

We will harness the power of technology to create a fun & interactive training experience for professionals working in the hospitality sector in rural areas. Through our training they will develop English communication abilities, improve their service skills, and acquire digital skills to combine accommodation services with eco-activities.

The Objective

The project aims to help hospitality employees in rural areas in embracing technology to improve their services and establishing an online presence.

The project will educate hotel owners & employees on how to improve their English communication and service skills through remote training and role playing.

To that end, our team is developing:

  • A cloud-based platform, the Essential Skills Pack (ESP) which will contain short modules that will help learners to acquire the target skills
  • A Minecraft Hotel World, where learners will deal with realistic scenarios that require putting communication, service, and digital skills into practice
  • The Eco-Guide, which will enable participants to build a digital mapping tool, that will contain all the essential information regarding ecotourist activities in their area.