The Eco-Guide

Ecotourism focuses on enjoying travelling and tourism without leaving a negative footprint on the visiting area and when possible, contributing to the enhancement of natural systems through tourism. Due to the constantly increasing environmental disasters, ecotourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today.

In this context, the current project aims at reinforcing the priority already set by the EU regarding the promotion of rural and eco-friendly tourism, by equipping the hospitality professionals in rural areas with a mapping tool and an Eco-guide. 

The interactive mapping tool will exhibit ecotourism options in various rural European areas and accommodation units that are located nearby. 

Moreover, an Eco-guide with detailed instructions will be created regarding how to register a hotel in the mapping tool and the ways to combine accommodation with eco-friendly activities.

HERE4you’s interactive mapping tool and Eco-Guide is an innovative idea that is introduced to the hospitality industry for the first time.

HERE4you operates on a strategy that grows around three unique pillars: 

  • promoting tourism in rural areas
  •  combining accommodation with eco-friendly activities
  • giving hotel owners the know-how to use and keep updating this map
The potential for impact among hospitality professionals, environmental NGOs and SMEs that offer ecotourism activities in these areas is great. They will be offered a powerful tool that will work towards promoting their existence and activity to interested tourists across the globe, while at the same time they will be provided with details on how to use this tool to establish themselves in the global market and become competitive.